We want to thank you for your 24/7 guidance on our first Race for Education. We met our goal & then some! We are so thankful that we took the leap of faith and tried RFE. We plan on calling for your free guidance as we plan our 2nd RFE.
Plover-Whiting Elementary School
Plover, WI

     What a fantastic day we had! The weather was perfect and the kids, teachers, and staff had a blast! We have raised just over $50,000. Thank you so much!
Groveland Elementary School
Doylestown, PA

     This fundraiser has done so much more than raise money for our school. It has strengthened the sense of community and goodwill at the school. It has involved everyone and the response, monetarily and otherwise, has been extremely positive. I never had to create a document or figure out the next step because it was all right there for me! Race Day was the best day ever at the school, and we raised over $30,000!
Tuscarora Elementary School
Frederick, MD

     Thank you so much for all your help in getting our Race for Education started and supporting us all the way through to completion! All the parents, kids, and teachers had a wonderful time and we raised enough money to truly jump-start our new technology. You provide a wonderful service for schools to raise much needed funds in an easy, virtually painless way!
Holy Rosary Academy
Nashville, TN

     Our Race for Education was such a huge sucess. In addition to bringing in over two times our financial goal, our students were excited about the event and the idea of being involved in the funding of the playground. Families came and joined in on Race Day, and the event really fostered a sense of community. Thank you for all of your time and support as we went through the process of learning how to run such a successful event!
Montessori School of Yakima
Yakima, WA

     Thank you for all your support and guidance during our first Race for Education. We raised over $15,000! The Race for Education day was so great. Kids had a good time and the parents were very happy. Without you and your team it wouldn't have been possible.
Holy Cross School
Albany, NY

     I am sure that you hear this all the time, but I cannot thank you enough for the Race for Education! It has completely transformed our PTO and what we are able to do for our school. This fall we will be hosting our 3rd walk-a-thon at Lincoln. Our budget actually has a surplus. We have gone from having a meager $4,000 cushion to $10,000 in the rainy day fund. But what is even better than that is that our teachers, parents, and students LOVE the walk-a-thon. It has become one of those really fun days that you don't want to miss.
Lincoln Elementary School
Warsaw, IN

     Today was a wonderful beautiful spring day in Mass. The Race went very well and everyone was very happy. Everyone had a great time. The committee did a wonderful job including a drum roll before announcing the final number of the day of $24,081 from 1032 responses. We received donations from 36 states including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Canada, Puerto Rico, and Japan! What a WONDERFUL FUN-D Raiser!
St. Leo School
Leominster, MA

     It was awesome!!! Parents and students loved it. As of yesterday, we took in $23,634! We are so happy. I know next year it will be even better as people have seen what fun it was.
Blessed Pope John XXIII School
Scottsdale, AZ