“It was awesome!!!”

Administrators, students and parents love the success, sense of community, and joy in the program.

Race for Education equips schools to raise considerable funds from sponsors for educational needs through an annual event involving students jogging or walking for just one hour.

The concept of an easily managed, high-impact fundraiser originated in 1984. Jim Cole, a longtime school principal, resolved to find a better way to meet schools' financial challenges without repeated, exhausting fundraisers.

He created Race for Education and continues today to provide client schools with a proven program and personal support to ensure success.

"It was awesome!!!"

Administrators, students and parents love the success, sense of community and joy in the program.

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An end to door-to-door selling
For school families tired of fundraisers that rely on selling high-commission, mediocre products, Race for Education offers a fun-filled, time-efficient, high-return alternative.
Online Donating and Tracking
We provide the convenience and accuracy of online payments, personalized student pages, and record-keeping while also serving those who aren't digital.
Results that speak for themselves
Race for Education has a long history and big capacity to produce big results from just one event. Plus, we are always available with support and answers.

How Race for Education Works

Start by completing our Contact form ...

so we can call to listen to you tell us about your school, your financial goal, and your priorities.  Together we can determine how best to manage your fundraising event: mostly by yourself or mostly by us.

If you have the organization and time ...

to manage the hands-on work related to your Race event, you should consider our RFE-guided option.  You will receive digital copies of our materials branded and ready to print, a website for promotion and donation tracking, and access to support.

If you have the commitment to succeed but lack resources and time ...

and want to avoid the hassle of production, let us manage the logistics.  We will ship printed, school-branded materials synced to each stage of the Race timetable, set up a promotional and donations website, and be available to advise, manage, and back you up seven days a week.

Based on our phone discussion ...

if you want to engage Race for Education, we will customize a simple contract to your needs and objectives.

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Results and Testimonials

Contact Us

If you are interested in running a fundraiser that could easily surpass anything tried in the past, contact us using the form below or calling us at (717) 576-4030.

Jim Cole

Race for Education

Jim is an educator who knows from experience the financial challenges schools face, and especially the challenge of fundraising. He created Race for Education in 1984 as a fun, healthy, and easily managed way to generate significant amounts of money to meet critical education needs.

He has never flagged in his commitment to simplicity and personal support.